Vet Recruitment

Do you desire a significant supplement to your current practice income? Looking for an alternative to the traditional clinical setting for treating animals?

VetTriage is always hiring experienced, talented, and compassionate veterinarians to join our growing team!

Benefits to becoming a VetTriage Veterinarian:

  • Work from your home and make your own schedule; work any number of shifts, for any duration, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Communicate with clients using your own style & experiences; every consultation is a chance for an amazing first impression and to direct a concerned pet owner to the proper treatment.
  • No managerial responsibilities; you consult in a manner that works well for you, irrespective of anyone else’s skill set, attitude, work schedule, title, etc.
  • Constant support; VetTriage is a reality that was fueled with the understanding of the veterinary profession, its triumphs and pitfalls, and its trajectory. Educational support and mentorship is always available should you seek or be recommended self-improvement in this role.
  • No requirements to leave your chosen work location or enter an office; updates on VetTriage procedures, educational resources, and necessary communication are to occur digitally and on your own timetable.
  • Be an integral part of a revolutionary way of consulting with concerned pet owners! The paradigm of veterinary care in a digital age is shifting. The pet owners we serve are changing; they are more self-sufficient, perform their own research online, prefer to work from home, and therefore they spend more time with their pets. The quality of life veterinarian’s are seeking who are entering the profession is also shifting; you prefer to spend more time with your family (both human and nonhuman), more time traveling, more time with your friends, and you prefer to spend less time in the office.

To apply to become a VetTriage Veterinarian today submit your resume to our medical director at