Clinic After-Hours

After-Hours and On-Call teletriage services for your clients

DVM Video Sessions videocam

VetTriage is a 24/7 video telehealth platform supported by our team of experienced and compassionate veterinarians who triage your clients’ after-hours pet concerns. Video sessions are easily initiated from any device and require no software or app download.

No Cost to Clinics local_atm

VetTriage services are offered at no cost to your facility! The client pays a $50 triage session fee to video chat with our veterinarians. We eliminate the cost of after-hours answering services which don’t offer medical advice and are a source of frustration for clients.

Improve Veterinary Quality of Life local_hospital

Reduce the workload for your after-hours and overnight staff giving them a better work/life balance. Our current clinic partners report this has improved recruitment efforts for new vets and technicians.

We find that over 80% of cases do not require a visit to the ER and the unnecessary expense associated with it. These cases are given at-home care instructions and directed back to the clinic for follow up, diagnostics, and treatment during regular business hours.

Quick and Easy Implementation devices

The VetTriage team coordinates the onboarding process with your clinic. We build your clinic a branded landing page on our website, provide customized marketing materials to promote the service to your clients, and develop customized hospital protocols. You can begin utilizing our services within hours!

Your clients have 24/7 access to a veterinarian for emergency triage during after-hours, overnights, and holidays. They access the service through a landing page with your brand information and custom instructions.

Innovative Technology stay_primary_portrait

Our proprietary technology provides an immediate connection for your clients to our veterinarians for a video telehealth triage session. Access is available through any internet connected device and no software or app download required.

Clients with true emergencies are called into the on-call staff member of your clinic after approving the required fees (or preferred emergency hospital). All clients not needing emergency care are given advice and monitoring parameters along with instructions to follow up with your clinic. A session summary is emailed to your clinic for your records.

The VetTriage Procedure

  1. Client is directed to[HospitalName]
  2. Easily create an account within seconds
  3. Pay $50 using our secure online payment processing
  4. Immediately begin the video triage session with our DVM
  5. If the case requires immediate intervention, our DVM will coordinate intake with your staff. In non-emergency situations, our DVM will descale, educate, and give at-home care and monitoring advice in preparation for a follow-up visit with your clinic
  6. A detailed triage session summary is immediately emailed both to the client and your clinic

To learn more about a partnership with VetTriage, contact our medical director Dr. Shadi Ireifej DVM, DACVS at 702-483-0558 or fill out the form below:

We cannot give medical advice via this contact form. If you need assistance with your pet, please click the Connect to Veterinarian link at the top of the page.