Veterinary ER & Specialty Partnerships

Innovative Hospital Service

VetTriage provides 24-hour, 7-day a week, veterinarian-run telehealth services that triage your client’s pet concerns from any location, with no software or app to download. Our team of veterinarians will allocate which cases require immediate care at your facility according to your custom protocols, and which can be cared for and monitored at home until they can see the referring family veterinarian.

Integrated Protocols videocam

VetTriage is an extension of your facility. Our team will follow customized protocols based on your hospital’s unique operating procedures. For those pets who need immediate care, our DVM’s will coordinate the arrival and details with your staff so you can more efficiently handle the intake.

No Cost to Hospitals local_atm

A VetTriage’s partnership come at no cost to your hospital. The client pays a $50 triage fee and the VetTriage DVM takes care of the rest. This allows you to reallocate staff resources currently spent filtering phone calls and arrivals, saving money while improving in-hospital efficiencies.

Improve Hospital Culture local_hospital

The veterinary hospital environment can be stressful. VetTriage veterinarians allocate cases so doctors and staff can spend more time on incoming critical cases, while minimizing extensive ER outpatient wait-times. Reducing non-emergent cases allows your team to focus on pets needing emergency and specialty intervention. Better resource utilization will ultimately help improve your office morale .

When you use VetTriage, critical cases will experience shorter hospital wait times. Non-critical cases are given piece of mind and valuable advice by VetTriage veterinarians in preparation for follow-up with a family veterinarian. Quicker resolutions lead to happy pet parents which increases client satisfaction. Our partner hospitals see an immediate increase in positive reviews left online!

Quick and Easy Implementation stay_primary_portrait

The VetTriage team handles all of the implementation steps with your team. We build your hospital a branded landing page on our website, provide customized marketing materials to promote the service to your clients, and develop customized hospital protocols. You can begin utilizing our services within hours!

Extensive Support contact_support

Our friendly support team is ready to answer any client, veterinary or workflow questions your team has. For clients who lack video or internet access, our 24/7 phone support can assist with payment processing and quick access to a veterinarian.

The VetTriage Procedure

  1. Client is directed to[HospitalName]
  2. Easily create an account within seconds
  3. Pay $50 using our secure online payment processing
  4. Immediately begin the video triage session with our DVM
  5. If the case requires immediate intervention, our DVM will coordinate intake with your staff. In non-emergency situations, our DVM will descale, educate, and give at-home care and monitoring advice in preparation for a follow-up visit with a family veterinarian.
  6. A detailed triage session summary is immediately emailed both to the client and your facility.

To learn more about a partnership with VetTriage, contact our medical director Dr. Shadi Ireifej DVM, DACVS at 702-483-0558 or fill out the form below:

We cannot give medical advice via this contact form. If you need assistance with your pet, please click the Connect to Veterinarian link at the top of the page.