How VetTriage Works

From your browser or mobile device, click “Connect Now,” enter your information, and you will be taken securely to Paypal to purchase your triage session using a major credit card or your Paypal Account. Triage sessions are fixed rate, regardless of session duration.

Once you complete your purchase, push the “Call” button and you will be connected directly with our next available experienced and licensed veterinarian via your mobile device or computer camera.

Our veterinarian will ask you questions regarding the current status of your beloved pet. Utilizing the information you provide, the doctor will guide you. Should you see an emergency doctor right away, can your pet wait to see your family vet, or is this situation best monitored at home? If the doctor recommends an immediate in-person visit to the nearest veterinary E.R., we will do our best to find some locations close to you.

VetTriage is aimed at minimizing your anxiety and providing you clarity as to whether or not immediate in-person veterinary assessment is advised. As such, one of the following will be the advice given to you by our veterinarians at the completion of your triage session: (1) Monitor and care instructions at home, (2) See your family veterinarian once they reopen, or (3) Seek immediate in-person treatment at a veterinary emergency hospital.

VetTriage is at the forefront of veterinary telehealth; a novel and ever evolving branch veterinary practice. Obvious practical limitations exist, and because we cannot physically examine your pet, cannot have access to medical records, cannot prescribe treatments or medications, and cannot follow-up with treatment response, a formal veterinary client/patient relationship (VCPR) cannot be established. VetTriage cannot replace, nor do we aim to replace, an in-person evaluation by a veterinarian! The VetTriage session is ONLY aimed at triaging your pet in an emergency and is to be used as a guide for you to determine whether immediate emergency veterinary attention is warranted.