What is Veterinary Telehealth and Telemedicine?

Our team explains veterinary telehealth for pets.

VetTriage is the leader in the veterinary telehealth field and the only company offering 24 hours a day 365 days a year live video chat sessions with a veterinarian. Our team explains this new and exciting field of veterinary medicine.


What is veterinary telehealth and telemedicine?

Telehealth is defined as the mode of delivering veterinary health care services and public health via information and telecommunication technologies or systems including but not limited to, video and digital technologies, to facilitate the assessment, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, education, care management, and self-management of a patient’s medical health care while the client/patient is located at an originating site and the provider is located at a distant site.


Telemedicine is a subcategory of telehealth and is defined as the mode of delivering animal health care services and exchange medical information from one site to another via audio, video, or data telecommunication technologies to facilitate consultation, treatment, and care management of the patient. At this time, telemedicine is considered a tool of practice, not a separate discipline within the profession.


How is telemedicine organized?


Various branches of the telehealth umbrella are recognized. If you notice in the diagram, each subcategory carries with it its own goals and limitations. It is without a doubt that the realm of online veterinary consultations will continue to be an evolving service in veterinary medicine.

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Why use a veterinary telemedicine service?


Since the launch of VetTriage, it has become obvious that the reasons for utilizing such an online vet service are multiple. Here is a list of commonly reported reasons why pet owners have utilized VetTriage:


-Your pet is scared, stressed, or fractious in car rides or at the vet office

-Financial hardship

-Access to on-site in-person veterinary care is limited 

-An emergency occurs after-hours or during a weekend or holiday when the vet is closed 

-You wish to seek a second or third opinion after having consulted with a prior vet

-The wait-time to see an emergency hospital is excessive

-Your family vet cannot fit you in for an appointment for days or weeks

-You want more information prior to seeing an in-person veterinarian

-The list goes on and on…


Due to the unfortunate events of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, a host of unique reasons to utilize a veterinary telehealth service have been created:


-Your family vet has very limited hours or has shut down

-The wait-time for curbside service at your family animal doctor or at the emergency hospital is multiple hours in duration

-You are or someone you live with is immunocompromised 

-There are legal restrictions on leaving the home

-The list goes on and on…



What is the role of VetTriage in the life of your pet?


VetTriage is the first and only direct to consumer veterinary telehealth service that boasts the utilization of proprietary video and audio software to give you 24-7 online veterinary access at a moment’s notice. Our short-term goal is the health and wellbeing of your pet. Our long-term goal is to spearhead a much larger movement; we aim to further the evolution of veterinary telemedicine and related online vet services. We have big plans for the future of animal telehealth!

You create an account within seconds, are online with a certified and experienced veterinarian within minutes, and you’ll leave VetTriage with peace of mind in knowing that compassion, knowledgeable vet care has improved the quality of life for you and your pet. 

We were created with the current veterinary telemedicine legislation in mind. We also aim to push those boundaries, determined to expand what telemedicine is capable of. Our overarching goal is to help as many of the world’s pets as possible, regardless of time, location and species!


In conclusion…


We have changed the lives of many. Pet owners seeking a convenient form of vet care, those in remote areas, immunocompromised individuals, and those with financial hardships all know of the immense, real-life benefits VetTriage has played in their lives and in the lives of their pets. 

We are honored to be a part of your family and humbled to be leaders in an ever-evolving field. We thank you for your support and wish you the best!