Pet Fire Safety Part 1

How to prepare and keep your pets safe from a potential fire

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day


Fire safety is important for the entire family, furry members included! Here are some pointers to keep in case should such an unfortunate tragedy ever occur. The key ingredient is PLANNING AHEAD: The fire escape plan that you practice with the family should include the pets.


  1. Give a specific individual the duty of finding a specific pet to bring outside to safety in a multi-pet household
  2. If your pet is on life-saving medication (insulin, anti-seizure medication, and so forth) be sure to have set aside an extra supply that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice
  3. Pack the car ahead of time before tragedy strikes with essential pet items that are sustainable during any type of weather condition; carriers, collars, leashes, any forms of identification and medical records
  4. Store in your cell phone/mobile device or have ready the address and phone number of a 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital located nearby that can quickly evaluate your pet for any repercussions without an appointment needed
  5. Always make sure YOUR safety comes first; this is true of any emergency type. Make sure all humans are safe and secure prior to rescuing nonhuman family members!