KNPR Interviews VetTriage and Hearts Alive Village Rescue

On July 2, KNPR invited VetTriage’s Chief of Medicine on with Hearts Alive Village.

July 2, 2020


This morning KNPR, the Las Vegas, NV affiliate of NPR invited VetTriage’s Chief of Medicine on with one of our animal rescue partners, Hearts Alive Village, to discuss telemedicine for pets, summer advice for keeping animals safe, and July 4th weekend tips to keep your pets calm.


The nearly hour long interview covered how VetTriage is assisting pet owners during the COVID-19 crisis to stay safe and avoid exposure by evaluating pets at home.  The team also discussed how Hearts Alive Village and VetTriage have teamed up to offer low cost veterinary care for families in financial need during these difficult economic times in addition to supporting the rescue mission and foster care.  Finally, summer and July 4th pet tips to keep your furry loved ones safe and calm were covered.


Listen to the entire interview here: