Hurricane Preparedness for Pets

What supplies should you have and what to do for your pet?s in the event of a hurricane .

If you live in an area that has a hurricane season, then you are most likely aware of how unpredictable and terrifying such inclement weather can be to your home and your community. Safety precautions are important for all residing in your house; human and nonhuman alike! PLAN AHEAD, especially if you reside in an at-risk region.


1. Do not leave your pet unattended at home during a hurricane! In case you do get separated from your pet, be sure to have recent photographs in your mobile device or in your social media platforms, all medical records (including vaccination status) and microchip information on hand.

2. Have a designated hurricane shelter in mind that allows both pet owners and their pets. Contact them ahead of time and make sure of their rules as well as their location.

3. If you cannot localize such a shelter, then there may be pet boarding facilities in your area whose building can withstand high category hurricanes.

4. Hurricanes usually accompany power outages, which can affect establishments such as water plants. Therefore have one to two weeks worth of drinking water set aside that you and your family can bring along for all family members for such occasions.

5. If your home is boarded up to protect the windows from shattering during a hurricane, make sure the household temperature does not become too warm. Most hurricanes occur in areas that are fairly tropical, and therefore hot and humid. If the indoor temperature is too uncomfortable for your human family, then imagine how your furry companion feels!

6. Most folks only utilize a generator during such weather emergencies. Since hurricanes occur sporadically and sometimes without much warning, practicing safe generator use is imperative! Check out this video to learn more: Generator Safety Video.


For additional general set safety instructions, please visit!/article/pet-fire-safety.